Texas Power Companies

September 14, 2010

Texas Power Companies – These days, the Texas electricity consumer has a choice when it comes to providers. For over 75 percent of Texas, consumers have the power to choose between providers so that they get the best rates and the best service possible; by having providers compete against each other for your business, you, the customer, are assured that you’re going to get the best electric service provider for the lowest rate possible. is one site that can help you do your comparison-shopping, with all of the top electric providers easily available to you in one place. Let’s take a look at several of those top providers.

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Different Kinds of Texas Power Plants

August 10, 2010

Texas is one of the states in this country where you have the power to choose your Retail Electric Provider, as well as who supplies the electricity to your home. Now instead of power plants that are still using fossil fuels to generate electricity, you can choose plants that generate electricity from clean and green energy sources. In fact there are many different Texas power plants that now produce energy from alternative sources, such as wind turbine farms, as well as solar power arrays.

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