Texas Power – The Key Players

October 28, 2011

(ERCOT, ONCOR, CENTERPOINT ENERGY) Electricity is the very vital part of a progressive economy. Ensuring its unending supplies and continuity for its users are one of the main roles of these three Texas power players: Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Formed in 1970, one of the eight Independent System Operators in North America. The ERCOT occupies the […]

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Texas Power Company

July 26, 2010

Every state has an idea in mind on how they should supply power to their people. Everyone, including the Texas Power Company, will need to be constantly aware of several demographic factors to be able to foresee enough future broadcasting to serve their population in the best manner possible. No one will want to be constantly changing their receipt of power as time flows by because the power companies didn’t plan correctly.

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