Texas power companies

Texas Power Companies Don’t Like New EPA Rulings

November 3, 2011

The majority of Texas power companies have rejected the latest ruling of the Environmental Protection Agency with regards to the reduction of air contamination. Although the state of Texas may be hit the hardest and could possibly face different problems including an insurmountable energy calamity and an unmanageable instability in the Texas electricity sector. The […]

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How Texas Power Is Produced

January 27, 2011

How Texas Power Is Produced – Texas is increasingly focusing on renewable energy sources to provide for its customers’ energy needs. It leads the states in wind power generation, for example, and is also significantly focused on solar power and biomass energy sources development. Texas is especially well positioned to develop these energy sources; although less than 1% of Texas’ energy needs are provided by renewable energy at the present, this trend is shifting. As stated previously, Texas depends on imports for a large amount of its energy needs, but this, too, must change. To that end, experts in Texas are focusing on developing renewable energy, and Texas power companies are jumping on board by offering consumers the ability to buy “green energy” electricity.

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Why a Fixed Rate Is a Good Idea, Especially in This Kind of Weather

July 30, 2010

Let’s face it – Texas is HOT! If you live in Texas, do you know that you can actually choose how you get your Texas Power — and whom you get it from, and how much you pay for it, too? That’s right; because Texas customers have deregulation in their favor, they can choose their electricity provider so that they get the best rates and service, and they can choose how they pay for it. That is, you can pay as you go, or you can lock in rates so that you can save on energy costs over the term of your contract, usually about one year.

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